On the opposite shore of Miyajima,
sweet parfaits with rich characters have been born.
In addition to "Handshake Parfaits" based on three types of gelato of
standard popularity garnished with famous confections of Hiroshima,
you can taste also the original parfait exclusively
for you by selecting freely different kinds of gelato and topping.

Freely customize a parfait by choosing one out of
a total of 8 types of gelatos and about 20 types of toppings.
Why not concocting an original
parfait exclusively for yourself,
the only one in the world?

Gelatos with one of the 8 different flavors are available!
They are authentic Italian gelatos
insisting on delicious taste of ingredients.

Lemon sorbet
Strawberry sorbet
Rum-soaked raisins
※For customers wishing to have a single/double-scoop gelato,
it will be served in a waffle cone.

From popular souvenir items of Hiroshima to famous
confections of Setouchi known by connoisseurs.
Enjoy creating a parfait exclusive for you
by freewheeling inspiration.

From popular souvenir items of Hiroshima to
famous confections of Setouchi known by connoisseurs.
Enjoy creating a parfait exclusive for you by
freewheeling inspiration.

  • Chocolate sandwich cookie

    Chocolate is sandwiched between buttered doughs. This combination would certainly be loved by anyone.

  • Sweet puffed macaroni

    The aroma of butter spreads beyond the crunchy texture. Sweets evoking a kind of nostalgic taste.

  • Fortune slip

    You can choose language in either Japanese or English. This is a “paper fortune” for fortune-telling. It may bring you luck?

  • Lemon chocolate cookie

    You will be charmed irresistibly by a melting taste. Tender flavors of lemon and vanilla.

  • Hiroshima dialect cookie

    Hiroshima dialect is printed on langue de chat. By taking this, you should be able to speak Hiroshima dialect fluently, isn’t it so?

  • Mini waffle bowl

    This is a bowl-shaped hard baked waffle. Try it when you like to put on much gelato.

  • Custard cream-filled cake bites

    Custard cream is found in a steamed bean bun. Your mouth is filled up with moist sweetness.

  • Lemon pie

    The flavor of lemon wraps up a crispy pie. It also goes excellently well with our gelatos.

  • Maple leaf-shaped sweet red bean paste cake

    This is the standard souvenir item of Hiroshima. The appetizing aroma of dough sets out the subtle smooth red-bean paste.

  • Rice paddle-shaped sweet

    “Shamoji” or rice paddle, good luck charm, a celebrated product of Miyajima, turns up as homely bakegoods.

  • Sweet puffed rice (Made from East Hiroshima rice)

    The rice from East Hiroshima, famed region for brewing sake, has been processed into sweets of puffed cereal. Try the traditional palatability.

  • Setouchi lemon

    An accent is given by the slightly bitter lemon peels. A Baumkuchen with adult taste, going well with gelatos also.

  • Miso peanuts

    Roasted peanut coated with soybean paste. Recommended as topping for vanilla.

  • Icing cookie(Torii-shaped)

    Our original type of cookie in the shape of “Torii” or shrine gate, symbol of Miyajima.

  • Meringue

    Meringue filled up with the texture of ground rice and the flavor of fruit. Choose one out of those of lemon, strawberry, mandarin orange, Yuzu and blueberry.

  • Hiroshima lemon chocolate soft cookie

    A melty cookie with novel texture letting the complex of “white chocolate and lemon” come loose in your mouth.

  • Hiroshima(Setoda) lemon cake

    With slightly sour taste in fluffy soft dough, the lemon of Setoda gives off a fresh fragrance.

This cute mini-parfait is inspired by Momiji Dani (Maple Valley) in Miyajima.
Eye-catching torii-shaped cookie is our original,
served with delicious gelatos.
Enjoy this special parfait only available here in AKUSHU PARFAIT & BEER!
We also have a pretty mini parfait with a heart-shaped cookie,
meringue toppings on lemon and strawberry gelatos, and a Japanese style parfait with Hiroshima’s famous sweets,
Momiji Manju from Yamadaya on chocolate and matcha gelatos.


  • Akushu "Mini" Parfait -Petit Miyajima Feeling-

  • Akushu "Mini" Parfait -Assorted Heart-

  • Akushu "Mini" Parfait -Assorted Heart-